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Introducing the world-renowned Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards, an unmatched deck that has solidified its place as an everlasting masterpiece. Now, you can enjoy these extraordinary cards in your everyday card games!


In 1970, Jerry's Nugget Casino commissioned the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) to produce a deck of playing cards that would go on to become one of the most highly sought-after collectibles ever manufactured. Originally intended for casino use, these decks were instead carefully stored away for an astonishing two decades.


Recognizing the exceptional quality and distinctive feel of these cards, renowned playing card expert Lee Asher became an ardent advocate, tirelessly praising their unique attributes. Over time, Jerry's Nugget playing cards ascended to legendary status, captivating card enthusiasts across the globe.


By the fall of 1999, these extraordinary cards had completely sold out, yet the demand for them continued to skyrocket. Today, authentic Jerry's Nugget cards are revered as some of the most coveted and valuable modern decks on the market.

Jerry’s Nugget Modern Feel Playing Cards - Aqua

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