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​At Immortal Playing Cards we provide every order with luxury packaging & a personal touch. The value of your package does not matter when it comes to the packaging process. You will ALWAYS receive a luxury experience with us!

Immortal Playing Cards no

We aim to ensure our website has something for all. Something we have always aimed to have on our website is variety! 

The cards we stock are cards from all over the world with unique designs and handling. All members of the team have had a passion in a certain field to do with playing cards, so we are always putting our opinions across for new decks to stock.

Our packaging is something we take very seriously and have great pride in! Every order no matter what the value is wrapped in one of our custom presentation boxes which even makes it suitable for a gift. We also ensure we take all precautions to ensure the cards are not damaged on their way to you.

We hope you will follow us on this journey. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Best Wishes,

The team of Immortal Playing Cards

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