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If you find an Amethyst Ticket in your order, you automatically receive a reward of £50 store credit on our website.


What inspired you to do this project?

We wanted to show you all that your support does not get overlooked. We want to give you the chance to win a fantastic reward every time you place an order on our website. Everyone will get an equal opportunity to win this ticket, no matter what the value of your order!

What would you get with £50 on our website? If you don’t receive one with your order this time, don’t worry. There is always next time. Rest assured, we’re guaranteed to always give the personal touch & luxury packaging we provide for each and every order.

Why did you name this the Amethyst Ticket?

We named this after the purple Amethyst crystal. Andrew actually bought one when he was a child on holiday in Cornwall as a gift for his gran. She has cherished it to this day! 


Andrew really wanted to show his appreciation for people buying from our website & he really liked the idea of someone receiving this as a surprise with their order at no additional cost. I’m sure you have all acknowledged that this is inspired by the Golden Ticket from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory but regrettably we didn’t think this would captivate our customers due to our design elements on our website being themed with purple.


Months later, Andrew was around his grandparent's house. As he walked past their cabinet full of sentimental memories collected over the years, he spotted the Amethyst Crystal that he got her all those years ago. This is where the idea for the Amethyst Ticket came to light.


The Amethyst crystal has a vast amount of physical, spiritual & emotional values. Some consider it to be the most powerful and protective of stones. We felt that the allure of this crystal would enhance the exhilaration of pulling this ticket. In addition to that, its purple!

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We wish you all luck. Don't forget to share your experience with us on social media.

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