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The Bicycle White Raider deck is the next installment of the popular Raider deck design.


Making a great deck of cards isn’t easy; the only thing that matches the makers attention to detail is the level of quality control that they, along with USPCC exercise with their custom decks. Many months of work went into the redesign, and precise printing and manufacturing of the White Raider deck, the original design was perfected and tweaked to take the elements that allowed the Black Raiders superior manipulation and push the boundaries of what we could do with the White Raiders.


Where the Black Raiders looked dark, looming and powerful the white raiders bring a balance and mystique to the design. Where oily black gives way to an airy white, the cards seem to float through your fingers, they kept the highest casino grade stock, and Bicycle’s air-cushion finish to provide unparalleled durability and glide.


The color scheme has been updated and refined to reflect the more elegant theme. With red and black pips on bone-white card stock, these cards more easily blend with some of your favorite card gaffs without compromising the high contrast ratio and are friendlier to old school card mechanics. We’ve gone back to the drawing board with the jokers as well; this time around we get a new portrait of Rex Raider and an awesome new reveal.

Bicycle White Raider Playing Cards - USPCC

SKU: 040
£32.00 Regular Price
£28.00Sale Price
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