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Adjusting the design to be totally symmetrical and to blend the various elements together even more seamlessly, Penguin Magic and Ben Kolozsi are back with an additional two colours for this tribute to one of the most popular and hard-to-find deck designs is better than ever and has been dubbed Choice Cloverbacks.

Available in Classic Red the Cloverbacks are a worker's dream. Printed on Penguin's Elite stock by USPC, the cards feel broken-in right out of the box and are a joy to handle. If you love the feel of our Bicycle Elite Edition, you'll love these!Both colours of Cloverbacks include Arrco faces for a familiar yet vintage vibe that makes the deck stand out but is still playable and performable. You also get three identical custom Jokers, a custom Ace of Spades, and a gaff card. All decks come packaged in a custom classic tuck box. 

Choice Cloverback Playing Cards | Penguin Magic

SKU: 241
£7.95 Regular Price
£6.95Sale Price
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