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Beautiful, ornate bordered backs. Signature ‘Diamond Cut’ glass-like edges. The Limited Edition Empire Bloodlines are printed to exquisite standards by Legends Playing Card Co. In a deep, midnight black ink with shimmering gold accents, every beautifully illustrated card drips with class.

Made with imported European premium-grade paper, a Classic finish and a traditional cut for experts, the experienced card connoisseurs will instantly feel the superior handling fresh out of the box. If you dare to break the seal, that is.

Never to be re-printed, each luxurious limited edition comes with an individually numbered gold seal for collectors. Just 2000 decks were originally produced and offered only to a select group. Locked away in our private reserves since, they remained a forbidden, lost luxury. Until now.

With playing cards of this class, only few will have chance to call them their own.

Empire Bloodline Playing Cards

£24.95 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
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