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With skyrocketing prices on the aftermarket for collectors, incredible feel for cardists and magicians as well as intriguing designs... Fontaine Playing Cards are extremely valuable.

Fontaine: Chinatown (Yellow) Playing Cards by Zach Mueller are the 8th edition within the Fontaine line.

Fontaine: Chinatown (Yellow) colorway have a completely custom tuck box and original drawings throughout the deck.
Hand drawn by Alexander Bortz in collaboration with Mike Cherman and Zach Mueller.

Printed on Bicycle stock by the United States Playing Card Company on a stock that feels incredible for cardistry and magic.

Sought after by collectors. Only 10,000 printed. Fontaine: Chinatown (Yellow) Playing Cards sold out within days of release on the Fontaine playing card site, supplies are extremely limited.

Fontaine Chinatown Playing Cards

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