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Following on from the hugely popular Killer Bee and Super Bee designs, comes the latest in the series from Ellusionist - the 100% custom Queen Bee. The design is a classic of borderless decks, repeating into infinity with bees that fly in opposing directions. There is but one break in this rule, the yellow bee that stands out in the top left and top right corner. It accents the design and creates a focal point for your eyes.

Each pip is arranged in a completely custom way, with a hidden hive represented in 1 pip of each number card. This subtle hint is to compliment the Queen's geometric styling. Each court features connecting hexagons encasing an effeminate design, like honey trapped within a single cell of the honeycomb.

Housed inside a gorgeous letter-pressed tuck featuring foiling and embossing, the Queen bee was printed by Cartamundi in Belgium on E7 stock. The cards are cellophane sealed inside but the packaging is not.

Queen Bee Playing Cards

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