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A full 360 view of the impossible bottles and jars are available. Please send a message and we will send the specific one you request.

Immortal Playing Cards are proud to present our homemade Rubik’s Cube Impossible Bottles. Each one is made by hand with the bottles NOT being tampered with in any way. Whether you are using this for display purposes, A gift, or even a magic effect, both of these variations are suitable.


Cube in jar:

The cube in jar is a variation of the standard impossible bottle but with a modern twist. The jars that are used are ones that you can get at most supermarkets. These are the perfect size for a Rubik’s cube with a very small amount of space on each side.


Cube in bottle:

The cube in bottle is just like most impossible bottles you see on the market. The narrow neck makes the concept seem that little bit more impossible. The bottles we use were made specifically to hold Rubik’s cubes.


Suggestions are always welcome for this project.

Speed Cube Impossible Bottle

£45.00 Regular Price
£32.00Sale Price
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